Our Hassle-Free Return and Exchange Policies

How Does This Work?                                                     

We ensure that customers feel confident and extremely content on making a purchase. This implies on the first purchase or while returning a pair. We offer hassle-free polices to embark on customer satisfaction and value for money.

We safeguard your purchase with the 15 days warranty which can be availed by showing your order receipt. This warranty is implied on regular frames and stock lenses. We also offer store credit of the total Order Amount as a part of our Refund Policy.

Exchange Scenarios:

  • I placed an order but this size does not fit me.


You can always avail our one-time free exchange in this case and select any frame that fits your size. Learn all about the frame sizes, at Frame Sizes Guide

  • I have placed an order but the frame does not look good on my face?


Feel free to get in touch with us! This issue can be resolved via Live Chat, Call (1-888-972-9060) or over an email to be sent at [email protected]. Once we receive the order details, we will happily deliver a replacement pair to you.

To determine your face shape and a suitable frame style, visit:  Face Shape and Frame Style Recommendation


  •  I just received my order and it is completely broken, crooked or defective, what should I to do with it?


Goggles4u is responsible for any damage, scratch or sprain in the eyeglasses that occurred during transit. We strongly believe that we ship closely inspected products out of the production unit. Get in touch with us via Live Chat and share this issue with our representative. You must provide the order details and rest is on us.  We will discuss, investigate and send a free replacement pair to overturn this issue.

  •   I simply love my glasses but I cannot see out of them.


As much as we endorse customer satisfaction – we also confess that assembling hundreds of pairs a day is hassling and requires timely management. Our production unit has several manual and automated quality loops. However – if your eyewear is crooked, torn or has wrong prescription then we dispatch a new pair of eyeglasses with the corrected prescription . Having this said - we learn from customer's experience to provide you a memorable one.

  •   It has been ages; I am still waiting for my order. Where is it?


We ensure that on an average – all orders for US, UK and Canada take not more than 10-12 days to arrive. However – orders dispatched from the international couriers may take as long as 3 weeks. Be posted about all orders by writing an email or notifying us on Live Chat. This transit hindrance is temporary as Goggles4U uses top freights for all territories.


Even after the payment - Your money is technically at your end unless you are extremely proud and satisfied of what we have delivered. We refund the full amount (Frame, Lens and Shipping)  if our eyewear has not replenished your vision demands. This refund regulation enables us to minimize customer dissatisfaction towards the product. However – conditions may apply as with mutual consent, various issues can be solved.

  •  Prescription Issue:  Copy of prescription issued by an optician is mandatory
  •  Warranty:  Reported issues within 30 days of getting the eyeglasses
  •  Order Delay: Unusual delays in production or transit
  •  Product Issue: Verification of size, color and defect
  •  Company’s Error: Confirmation on the issue reported
  •  Promotions: Conditions apply on glasses purchased in promotions

 Additional Information:

  •  All lens upgrades will be charged
  •  Designer Glasses should be returned back to the United States of America.
  •  A home brand frame can be replaced or exchanged with a home brand only. Same is the case with designers. If a designer is selected in place of a home brand, difference in price is applicable.
  •  A scanned copy of the prescription should be provided to solve prescription issues in a swift manner.
  • We do not guaranty that Out of Stock frames will be restocked. For exchanges or replacements, selecting frames from a new lot solves this issue.

Not Sure What To Do?

Need to ask product related questions or want to inquire about your order? Connect to our Customer Support Department. We solve issues with round the clock chat and phone assistance that reflects our customer-focused approach.

Write to us at:  [email protected]

Call us on: 1-888-972-9060


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