Refund & Exchange Policy

Your Satisfaction Has Been Our Priority, Now It is Guaranteed!

How does this work?

We always like to make sure that our customers feel confident with their purchase, be it the first one or a returning one. Our mission is to take care of your purchase before and after as well.

All of our glasses come with a warranty of 15 days upon receipt. This covers regular wear on your frames and lenses. If needed, you’ll receive 50% store credit that can be used alongside a coupon to reduce the cost of a replacement pair.

So what actually do we have to offer for the purchases that to not work out as per your expectations?


-          I placed an order with you; the size does not fit me?

You can always avail our one-time free exchange in this case and select any frame that is as per your size and you are sure it will work for you. Our size guide is available on

No hassle to return a pair if ordered from our home brands, i.e. from 6 USD to 24 USD.

-          I have placed an order and just do not like it the way it looks on my face?

Feel free to get in touch with us! We are available over the chat, call (1-888-830-7857) or email ( round the clock. Provide us your details and you are all set to avail an exchange from our side. Check the face shape and style recommendations here

Go ahead; donate the pair to some local charity, if ordered from our home brands, i.e. from 6 USD to 24 USD, instead of sending it back, may be it works for someone else!

-          Now that I have received my order, it looks nothing like the color I saw the website.

We will for sure agree with you on this. On a few frames, the color may differ than that available on the website – because when the pictures are taken, we have to take them in certain background that at times reflects in the pictures and color differs slightly from the product. You can always check the frame details for the correct color.

In such cases, we will be more than happy to honor you another pair on our cost as an equal exchange. Forward the current pair, if ordered from our home brands, i.e. from 6 USD to 24 USD,  to the charity and contact us for a new one. 

-          I just do not think that the price justifies the quality (frame or lenses), I do not like it.

As said earlier, your satisfaction is our priority. We can guarantee it with a free exchange from our side. We can offer a free upgrade to the next level, i.e. home brands with home brands and designers with designers. We are just a click away. Contact us, Report and Get yourself an exchange ordered.

-           Woops, I did it again. I cannot see through the glasses as I entered an incorrect prescription.

We are here to take care of that too. Simply provide us with an updated copy of your prescription issued by the eye doctor and we will take it from there. A free exchange from our side coming to your way!


-          I just got my order and it is completely broken, crooked or defective, what am I to do with it?

Goggles4u is here to take complete responsibilities of any kind of a defect in your purchase that occurred in the transit. We are firm that a quality product was shipped out from our side. Simply contact us at any time of the day. Provide us the details and report the issue. We will resolve it immediately for you and a free replacement with be pushed to the production.

-          I simply love my glasses but I cannot see out of them.

Producing thousands of orders a day, the production might have made an error in adjusting the prescription to the glasses. Update us with the doctor’s copy and that will do the trick. We will verify and update our records. You may sit on your couch and wait for the replacement order.

-          It has been ages; I am still waiting on my order. Where is it?

On an average, orders for US, UK and Canada take 10-12 days in transit. All international orders can take a little extra time up to 3 weeks in transit. However, we can always send in a new order after initiating an inquiry from the postal services.


Your money is in safe hands. We will be more than happy to refund you in case of any dissatisfaction but conditions may apply with respect to the issue reported.

-          Prescription Issue:  Copy of prescription issued by the doctor is mandatory

-          Warranty:  Reported issues within 30 days of getting the eyeglasses

-          Order Delay: Unusual delays in production or transit

-          Product Issue: Verification of size,color or defect

-          Company’s Error: Confirmation on the issue reported

-          Promotions: Conditions apply on glasses purchased in promotions


Did we miss something?

-          All lenses upgrades will be charged

-          Designer glasses need to be returned back to us

-          A home brand frame can be replaced or exchanged with a home brand only. Same is the case with designers. If a designer is selected in place of a home brand, difference in price is applicable.

-          A scanned copy of the prescription is to be provided to avoid the hassle of processing orders with prescription issue.

-          Out of Stock frames are not restocked. For exchanges or replacements, you might need to select a new frame in such cases.

Still not sure?

If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Support department over the live chat. We are available round the clock - 24/7.


Phone: 1-888-830-7857