Eyeglasses Measuring Guide

Eyeglasses Size Guide

While shuffling between sublime frame colors and frame styles, we must also pay attention to its dimensions that assists in purchasing a fine eyewear. With that being said, this task can be a challenging one. Whether we measure our existing pair or purchase a new one, the importance of ordering a reliable eyewear with great fitting is immense.

How To Get Perfect Face Contour and Ultra Face Comfort

Acknowledge Your Frame Size:
A frame that rests on the contour reveals a stack of useful information about itself. You are about to find out, how? As we measure the size of existing frame, discover the numbers mentioned on temples or arched bridge. This is the most convenient, quickest and error-free method of acknowledging frame dimensions that assist in ordering a new pair with an ideal fitting.

Dimensional Break Down – Measure Your EyeGlasses!

The anatomy of an eyewear is divided into four major portions with each contributing to its structure, making it convenient to understand the eyewear paradigm. To order the most laudable frames, learn our dimensional breakdown and stagger past the sizing and fitting issues.

1) Width and Height of Lens:
The lens dimension has its own fair share in the importance of measuring the size of eyeglasses prior to purchase. Break this proportion into the longest and widest parts to formulate balance.  

2) Width of Bridge:

The bridge width highlights the distance between the two lenses on equal terms. As per opticians – individuals with closely knitted eyes should choose a frame having lower width bridge. Likewise – for widened pair of eyes – the width should remain high to grasp with perfection.

3) Length of Temples:

The temple length is vital and there to fixate our frame. Normally – it is between 150mm, 140mm and 135mm. Despite essentiality – the temple length is not widely different in eye frames.  

4)  Width of Frame:
The narrower the frame width, the wider the face looks. Do not purchase a pair that over-exposes the visage. Use a simple measuring scale to recognize and acknowledge the frame width. 

Important Tips:

  • Most important measurement is the Total Width.
  • You may neglect height and width of lenses but make sure to find a frame with the accurate total width as required.
  • The other measurements (Nose bridge & Temple size) should also be close to your requirements.
  • Frame measurements are listed in mm (millimeters).
  • If you are using an inch ruler, 1 inch = 25.4 mm
  • If you are using a cm (Centimeter) ruler, 1 cm = 10 mm
  • You can also print a measuring ruler HERE

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