There are several factors that need to be taken into account when wearing a pair of discounted glasses. Using tints and dyes that enhance visual color, protect from UV rays, and establish a new vision tone for your prescription eyeglasses is one of them. 

Using tints and dyes raises the potential of wearing your pair of prescription glasses with their ability to uplift modern vision requirements. From mirror tints to solids to gradients - you can customize a perfect pair of eyeglasses with the best tints and dyes online.

Solid Tints: Solid tints are single-color and full-scale eyewear lens tints that smartly enhance the appearance of the eyes. You can find solid tints in multiple colors for every frame you order online. They can also be worn for cosmetic purposes.

Mirror Tints: Mirror-tinted glasses offer style and functionality simultaneously. These glasses elevate any ensemble with their streamlined, contemporary style. Mirror tints are best for maintaining eye privacy and also covering any visual imperfections. They also guard your eyes from dangerous UV rays with their ability to deflect the incoming rays that may otherwise disrupt your vision stability.

Gradient Tints: Gradient tints offer dual-color shading on the lenses to improve your cosmetic appearance and create a field of vision that fights the long-lasting UV rays from outdoor exposure. This type of tint is famous for its color intensity, as it's darker at the top and lighter at the bottom of the lens surface

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