How to Order Your Eyeglasses From Goggles4U

How to Order Your Eyeglasses at Goggles4U


At Goggles4U - The order process is hassle-free.  It is a swift, simple and error-free procedure which we have designed to order the discount prescription eyeglasses. To turn everything as planned – we let our customers order new eyeglasses in 4 quick steps. This enables the glass-wearers to dart their most desirable choices in full swing. The two major components included in buying the new eyeglasses are frames and lenses. 

1: Use Web-Filters To Search For The Best Frame 

Explore Frame Styles at Goggles4U

Our Web-Filter breaks down the discounted eyeglasses assortment in the correct form and variation. The built-in filter replenishes your demand by narrowing down the choices and aiming at your desired pick:

• Frame Style - (Browline, Square, Pilot, Cat Eye, Pantos)
• Frame Material - (Plastic, Metal or Combination)
• Frame Type (Full Rimmed, Half Rimmed or Rimless)
• Frame Shapes (Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square)
• Frame Color (Red, Green, Black, White)


Determine The Right Eyewear Size For You:

Most of the time, eyeglasses is one of the accessories that fits without any adjustments. Out of your clothing, jewelry, shoes or any other accessory, glasses are the easiest to customize and adapt to your body. Getting the perfect fit is a combination of selecting a right frame style and then making it fit to your face.

Watch How To Determine The Right Eyewear Size For You


Determine The Size of Your Frame at Goggles4U


Determine The Right Lens Size For You:

Selecting the suitale pair of lenses is a task that can be taken care of without a licensed professional and if you do have a question about lenses after reading the given the information, please do not hesitate to call us.  

The lens size is the width across the widest part of the lens in mm. The bridge size is the width of the nose bridge. The arm length is the length of each arm.
The other method is to measure it yourself with the help of current glasses and a ruler. Our lenses are custom made to fit the frames you pick and your particular prescription.


Determine The Right Lenses For You

2 - Select Your Frame:

Select Your Frames at Goggles4U

Select one, two or multiple frames from a stylish stack of eyeglasses and take your face cut into realization. Discover frame details on the left  side to know about frame color, size, material and shape. At Goggles4U – we use amped up technology to ensure you make the right pick by offering "V-Try" which creates your mug-shot by morphing the selected frame with your face. Examine this digital look and proceed to finalize your prescription and lenses.

3 - Insert Your Prescription:

Insert Prescription at Goggles4U

Use prescription as advised by your optician here. Click on “Select Lenses" underneath "Virtual Try" after finalizing the frame color and select Sphere, Cylinder, Axis and Add values. Upon the completion of prescription, insert lens type (Distance, Reading, Bi-focal or Progressive), lens-functioning (Clear, Sunglasses, Photochromic or Digital Protection) and lastly, add Solid, Mirror or Gradient Tints as per your choice. Fill this info with laser-focus to complete the process.

4 - Make Payments & Wear Your Glasses

Make Payments at Goggles4U To Buy Eyeglasses

Make payments and checkout from the secured transaction page at Goggles4U. Be on the verge to wear your new discounted eyeglasses with pride. Note that our regular turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. However, you can choose Express Shipping to speed up shipment and recieve your favorite eyeglasses a week before.

Read our Shipping Policy here. 

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