17 Best Eyeglasses For 2017

We have entered 2017 and it’s time to still remain somewhat different than others. Therefore, your favorite online prescription eyeglasses store is now offering a vast range of attractive frames and high-quality lenses for everyone. And when we mean everyone, it’s for men, women and of course, kids too.

17 Best Eyeglasses For 2017

When it comes to choosing the most excellent pair of eyeglasses for your eyes, in order to get the superior vision as well as look outstanding among the mass, you definitely would require the best frame and lenses. At Goggles4U, we understand this issue and we also take it very seriously because we want our every consumer to look excellent in any formal or informal gathering.

In this article, we will discuss 17 latest and up-to-date eyeglasses, which are in extreme demand nowadays from our worldwide customers: 

1. G4U TR-8809-1

full-rim retro eyeglasse

Comes first is outstanding full-rim retro style round eyeglasses, which is made of tough TR-90 material and available in different shades. Look amazing and conspicuous with this latest frame for men and women.

2. G4U 901-3 Rectangle Eyeglasses

rimless eyeglasses frame

This is another amazing frame for our customers who want to seem sophisticated in any formal gathering. It’s a rimless, rectangle frame with metallic temple arms that looks nice for official wear.

3. G4U-1 Rectangle Eyeglasses

rectangle eyeglasses

For people affectionate to have a well-ordered yet perceptible gaze, this designer yet still motivating eyewear is now a part of Goggles4U at an excellent price. Great for any gender to look eye-catching in any type of get-together.

4. 2675 Rectangle Eyeglasses

Metal Eyeglasses Frame

This is a great full-rim, combination material frame for men and women that could completely make your personality seem outstanding. This eyewear is for those who love wearing large sized frames to make an attractive persona in any casual or formal happening.

5. G4U TR-620

Oval Eyeglasses Frame

For simple people who have the desire to have gorgeous seem, then this refined yet still nice-looking eyewear could be undeniably one of the best eyewear in the vast assortment of Goggles4u store. Conversing features of this full-rim Oval-shaped eyeglass, it is formed through a tough TR-90 material. So book your order today to look mesmerizing!

6. 2230 CAT EYE

Cat Eye Eyeglasses Frame

Hold your breaths women as Goggles4u is offering this unbelievable and somewhat overoptimistic frame for your facial enhancing in any formal or semi-casual moment. This Cat-Eye shape is outclassed for those who want to offer an attractive appearance in any informal occasion.

7. G4U TR-8805

TR90 Rectangle Eyeglasses

This is one more amazing eyeglasses, which is made of tough TR90 material and is now available in superb colors. You can offer an exceptional persona wearing this eyeglass that can deliver you a superlative look in either formal or informal time.


Aviator Eyeglasses Frame

This classy yet still in high-demand Aviator frame is now available at Goggles4u at such an incredible price. Men & women can reveal their superior persona courageously wearing this trendy eyeglass. Available in different colors, it is made of a tough metal material to offer an outstanding gaze.

9. 8602 Rectangle Eyeglasses

Bold Black Eyeglasses Frame

This is a latest rectangle Acetate frame now available at our store at such striking price. You don’t just need a pair of glasses, but also a daring one to disclose your daring persona even courageously.

10. Little Chilling Round Eyeglasses

Children Eyeglasses 2017

How can Goggles4U forget the kids and therefore, we are now offering a huge variety of kid’s prescription online eyeglasses at such remarkable price. This Little Chilling frame is one of the most demanding among kids nowadays as it’s made of a durable TR90 material in different Funky shades. Parents don’t have to worry as they are almost unbreakable and as always, 100% satisfaction is our forever priority.

11. G4U TR-8802-1

Acetate Eyeglasses Frame

This is a fantastic and the latest frame now accessible at our store that looks somewhat different than our other frames. As you can see yourself that this looks like if it’s made of wood or bamboo material, but the fact is that it’s made of Acetate, which is also a long-lasting material. So buy for you and your loved ones today!

12. 1516 Rectangle Eyeglasses

Women's Eyeglasses 2017

Comes this fabulous yet striking eyeglass for men and especially for women, to offer your classy appearance more daringly. You can now obtain this frame at such striking price in two amazing shades.
It is made of a combination of TR90 and metal materials, so you can wear it trouble-free since it’s very durable.

13. P707 Rectangle Eyeglasses

Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Women

For women, the wait is over as this frame is made especially for those who desire to reveal their classy persona heroically. The designing is very unique and the lens in the middle of the rim along with its designing of temple arms attracts viewers’ attention. Hurry, get yours now as this is a limited time offer!

14. G4U Chips Aviator

chip aviator eyeglasses frame

This latest Chips Aviator eyeglasses frame for men and women is one of our fantastic pieces that is now obtainable at such striking price. This TR90 material with double nose bridge style and it’s so flexible that you break it, and get another on the house. It means it’s so flexible that you don’t have to worry if you have kids playing with them.

15. G4U HK 206-1

Hello Kitty Kids Eyeglasses

Hello Kitty is a well-known logo for kids’ eyeglasses and so, we are also offering this fantastic and a nerdy frame for children who love to remain gorgeous among their friends. Made of tough and long-lasting material, you can buy this for your kids at an amazing price and remain contented with the superior quality, which is guaranteed by us!

16. 13001 Rectangle Eyeglasses

Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Men

Comes one more latest metal material frame, which is ready to boost your persona with infinite elevations. The construction is slightly different than normal eyewear as you can observe double lined nose bridge area and rectangle shape offers it a unique seem. For men and women, this could be undoubtedly a great eyeglasses frame, so to escalate your ranking among any formal or semi-formal occasions. Order yours today!

17. G4U Browline 118087-C

Wayfarer Eyeglasses Wooden Frame

You would believe it as if it’s a wooden frame but in reality, it is made of a toughest TR90 material that is hard to break. For men and women, this eyeglass frame is one of the most demanding these days, which you can make use of in any type of gathering.


In the above article, we discussed some of our newest and current eyeglasses. You can go through our complete range of eyeglasses to see or amazing variety as there are thousands to choose from. We have something for everyone, and we believe in complete customer satisfaction. So, for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product, simply get in contact with our 24/7 customer support team, who will assist you with any order issues.


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