What You Need To Know About Hydrophobic Coating

What You Need To Know About Hydrophobic Coating

What is Hydrophobic Coating?


The word 'hydrophobic' actually means water resisting or in normal words, something that has a fear of water. In eyeglasses, it’s basically a 20–30-nanometer transparent coating of titanium dioxide that is placed on the surface of the lens.


Hydrophobic coatings are not something new as people are making use of this for a long time on their prescription eyeglasses. It is also found on leaves and on the wings of many insects if you’ve ever noticed it. This is a simple reason why a dragonfly can also fly easily when it’s raining due to having the hydrophobic coating.



If we talk about the modern eyeglasses technology, it has transformed to a great level. The finest eyeglasses brands nowadays carry this coating, which assists in resisting water, especially sweat that people usually complain about. But if this coating is so amazing, the question arrives is that does it actually works?


In this blog, we will discuss what this coating is, and why you should always go for it, especially you are performing any outdoor activities or you are a sportsperson.


How Does Hydrophobic Coating Work?

The answer is “Of course, it does!” This wonderful type of coating works by making a surface of your glass’s lens to repel the water molecules remaining on them, which means that the hydrophobic coating weakens the surface bonding among the water drop and surface of the lens. This lets the water drops to stay away from lens surface as you can see in the image below. 




There are many wonderful examples of hydrophobic coatings to your lenses that also work amazingly. So undoubtedly, hydrophobic coatings do work without any hesitation. But since, it is the last layer that is applied to the lenses, but like any other coating, it might get damaged, and the hydrophobic coating may become useless. So, it is significant that you regularly clean the lenses with water to be more effective and keep the chemicals away, as it might destroy the hydrophobic layer applied on your lenses.


The Superior Benefits of Hydrophobic Coatings:


Let’s discuss some magnificent benefits of the hydrophobic coating:


 Anything based on water, mostly when our sweat gets on the lens, they are likely to create drops as shown in the image above, which tends to form optical distortion.


A hydrophobic coating supports greatly to repel water drops from lens surface as the stiffness between the liquid and the hydrophobic exterior is lower. So, when any droplets come in contact with the hydrophobic lens, they are more likely to resist the lens much more than they usually do. This is surely a great benefit in the rainy days, and for those who are athletic and sweat is the major problem in their daily routine.


Hydrophobic coating lenses are also anti-static that keeps dust and dirt particles away from it. When such particles come into contact with these lenses, they are likely to simply fall off.


Hydrophobic coatings also require less cleaning than the normal ones as it significantly repels stains and grease from our fingers. This way, cleaning the lenses is much faster as well as stress-free.



Where To Get Hydrophobic Coating From?


In the conclusion of this informative blog, we have gone through the benefits of this lens and seen that the coating can assist significantly to the athletic people as well as those who are mostly doing the outdoor job. What this means is that you will get to have a superior vision while driving on the rainy days or retain fingerprints on the eyeglasses lenses.


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