Wayfarers - A Class Apart


Remember Wayfarers? They are one of the oldest styles in frame’s world. They were actually caught by the eyes when the dearly loved and graceful Audrey Hepburn tried them in 1952 in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now, the 2000 century has brought them back.



Wayfarers are so adorable that no one can resist putting them in their shopping bags once out. Glancing out the esteem of these specs, many Designers are presenting modish Wayfarers in diverse affectionate shades. You can explore the imposing designs of Wayfarers in the collection of Gianni Po, Ed Hardy, Cadillac, Elizabeth Arden and many more. When the eminent celebrities could not cease themselves from loving them then how can you?

Don’t believe? Just take a look yourself to believe!

Penelope Cruz, isn’t she looking appreciatively outstanding in these spectacles?

Penelope Cruz - Wayfarer

What about Twilight? Hair color and specs color seems to be matched in the picture. Ashlee Simpson, you simply rock in Wayfarers.

Don’t think it is for females only. Wayfarers are for everyone! Believe it by looking the darling Chord Overstreet. In this stylish grin, he is absolutely looking smart.


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