Why Do I Need Optical Frames?

Do you wear the same pair of optical frames everyday for driving, reading, computer use or reading? If yes then you may not be getting all your vision requirements from just a single pair of optical frames.

Need Optical Frame

You may need different types of lenses that are best suited for a particular vision requirement. There are different types of lenses in optical frames for various lifestyle activities or vision problems. Your Optical frames not just sharpen your vision but also help you see clearly suited for different activities like reading, driving or computer use.

Need for Optical Frames

Most people with vision problems observe that their eyes cannot focus light where they should. The lenses in optical frames change the direction of light rays entering into the eyes so that they focus them properly on the retina in the eye.

Need Eye Care

Always remember to get your eyes checked regularly from your eye doctor or from a certified optometrist for maintaining a healthy vision as your eye doctor would also check for eye diseases, allergic reactions or eye disorders.

You can opt for these different types of lenses in optical frames:

Distance Lenses:

Vision correction lenses for people suffering from myopia or nearsightedness when distant objects appear blurry. Particularly suited for driving, jogging or running.

Distance Eyeglasses

Reading Lenses:

Vision correction lenses for people suffering from presbyopia or long sightedness which usually happens in old age where people can’t see things up close. These lenses are equipped with optical magnifying powers which are ideal for reading or computer use.

Reading Eyeglasses

Bifocal Lenses:

Vision correction for both near and distant vision problems. There are different types of bifocal lenses such as Lined Bifocals, D-Bifocal or Executive Bifocal.

Bifocal Lens Eyeglasses

There are also special lined D-Bifocal lenses which have a visible D-Segment on the bottom part of the lens which helps to distinguish between the two distinct optical powers. These type of lenses are most ideal for people who have to use computer frequently while entering data or details or who want to have a single pair of eyeglasses for different vision requirements.

Photochromic Lenses:

These lenses are most ideal for those people who have vision problems and who drive frequently on long routes. These lenses change their color transition or become darker in bright sunlight or otherwise act as sunglasses and then change their color transition back or become light in low lightening conditions or otherwise act as regular eyeglasses.

Photochromic Lens Eyeglasses

Adding lens enhancement

Ultraviolet (UV) CoatingIt is a lens coating to block the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. It also protects your eyes while driving on a bright sunny day.

Antireflective (AR) CoatingIt is also a particular lens coating to lessen light reflection off on your eyeglasses. Antireflective coating on eyeglasses also reduces daytime glare and nighttime starburst effect around the headlights of a car.

Scratch ProtectionScratch protection or anti scratch coating is recommended for plastic lenses or for people who roughly use their eyeglasses.

TintsTint Coating on Eyeglasses can be useful for those people who are sensitive to heavy lightening conditions.

Your Optical frames may also change style or shape with fashion. Frames may be made up from plastic, plain metal, titanium, TR90 or a combination of plastic and metal. However a different prescription may always be required for a person suffering from any vision problems. Make sure you always have your right prescription for your optical frames. At Goggles4u, you can opt for all kinds of lenses with added enhancements as you desire.