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Specs: What’s in what’s out?
If we go back in time, we find only nerd and geeks wearing broad frames. It was a sign of boredom but as time never remains the same, it has been transposed entirely. Now a day’s large and broad frames are part of fashion statement. Nerd glasses hit the fashion world again. As we can see these days many well known celebrities such as Hollywood actors/actresses, signers and artists wearing nerd glasses. Recently in Oscar award ceremony many celebrities had nerd glasses on their faces like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and well known Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was also wearing the nerd type glasses in this ceremony.
CBV-107 by Cubavera
Nerd glasses came in fashion in 1938 when superman very first time hit the sky and giving new nerdy glasses looks. Clark Kent was the first man who was wearing Thick black-rimmed glasses in his film and nowadays you can see many celebrities around the globe are wearing nerd glasses in different sizes and colors.
Justin Bieber the little rock star also like to wear nerdy glasses in his different concerts, which gives him nerdy cute looks.
The nerdy specs have redefined the fashion and style of glasses. Glasses are now on a list with necklaces, watches, earrings, and any other accessories used to add something to your appearance. Glasses are not just to correct the vision; they can be pure fashion. One can buy nonprescription glasses just to add a new look in his/her personality. 
The nerd look glasses have now become a fashion statement. It’s no longer about being not liked or unappealing. This is an ironic wind to fashion which creates one of the most iconic features of the uncool is now one of the most popular accessories of today. It’s not new, but it’s fresh. And finally we can all express and embrace our inner nerd. 
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