The ophthalmologist-backed data suggests that now individuals spend a staggering 11-12 hours of multimedia screen time and it is where the blue light is housed and spreads all the way to our retina. Whether we're replying to a quick office email in the dim-light setting or making our children watch their favorite cartoon for hours, the presence of the HEV blue light is inevitable and cannot be blocked from ordinary glasses that lack blue cut lenses.


Today - we're surrounded by technology with devices generating outputs on super-vibrant color screens - but what we do not comprehend is the bitter story of the blue light rays (HEV) disguised in the digital devices. When we're exposed to the blue light, we more or less affect our eyes to the degree when we expose them to the UV rays. The only major difference is that the blue-light is found in man-made inventions and is not naturally occurring when it comes to homes, offices, etc.





But - thanks to our Digital Screen Protection Glasses - we can work on our corporate and casual endeavors without hurting your vision. Respond to the sense of urgency of modern times by ordering our special blue light-blocking glasses.





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