Computer Vision Syndrome and How to Avoid it

Approximately 1 out of every 5 adults suffers from eye strain. If you are experiencing dry or tired eyes or neck aches, then you are suffering from eye strain. Since we all are modern age computer users as two to three hours of computer use has now become an essential part in our lives. We mostly spend our time while surfing the internet, playing games or office use.



This often causes redness or irritation in the eyes, eye fatigue, dry eyes, neck pain and headaches and the medical term for such a condition is generally known as computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain.



This is usually caused by spending long hours in front of your computer screens, smart phone or tablet PC use. Approximately every adult or a child spends 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis in front of a computer screen, smart phone or tablet PC use. Regular usage may also cause in a blurred vision.




Here is a list of reasons which causes eye strain

  1. Over usage of digitally enhanced devices such as tablet PCs, Computers or Smart Phones with High Resolution Quality may cause stress in the eyes as they have to constantly focus and reposition their eyes on high resolution digitally enhanced content. Not that we are against their use but too much exposure may cause eye strain.



  1. Blinking is most important for eyes as it avoids dryness in the eyes by moisturizing it. On a daily average basis, a person blinks 18 times per minute. This number is halved when looking at a computer screen, smart phone or tablet use by having to constantly focus on the digital content.



  1. It has become more dangerous for children between 8 to 18 years from excessive use of digitally enhanced devices from spending 17 to 18 hours in a week by looking at high resolution games which are created by thousands of pixels rate.




Here are some useful tips to avoid eye strain in the eyes.

  1. Certain foods can help to preserve your good sight such as




  1. While using smart phones or tablet PCs, keep them slightly below eye level at a comfortable distance from the eyes. You can also adjust the screen brightness, resolution and contrast levels on your smart device to make them comfortable for your eyes. Font size and browser settings can also be enlarged for eye comfort so that the eyes doesn’t stress upon while focusing on a particular area or font size.



  1. For computer use; lightening conditions should be dimmed and the computer screen must be at a distance of 50-100 cm from your eyes. It should also be slightly below from your viewing angle of no more than 30◦ from the monitor.

  1. Your computer chair should be positioned in such a way to support your spine and helps to keep your body upright and straight.
  2. Your keyboard should be positioned in such a way to support your upper arms hang vertically.


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Most importantly, you should take at 20 second break for every 20 minutes spend in front of a computer screen or smart device use, look elsewhere or go outside for some fresh air to provide relaxation for your eyes because at Goggles4u, we take care of your vision.



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