Astigmatism is a focusing error of the eyes which causes in a blur vision. It occurs as a result of irregular curvature on the surface of the cornea in the eye or in the lens of the eye. Astigmatism may cause blurring of both distant and near objects. Either you are born with astigmatism or it may develop with age. Astigmatism may also occur in combination with either myopia (near sightedness) or presbyopia (long sightedness)



People having astigmatism may experience uneven blurred visions of objects and can make things uneven or uncomfortable to look at. It also becomes difficult to focus on and may cause eye fatigue, headaches, tiredness and poor concentration. It can be either inherited or be developed while aging.

Causes of Astigmatism

Astigmatism can cause fatigue if you are concentrating on tasks such as reading, computer use or driving. Your focusing system cannot comprehend as it is constantly adjusting, trying to achieve a sharp image which your eye cannot produce without optical correction.



Treatment for Astigmatism

You must see your eye doctor or an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam. An optometrist would provide a diagnosis for the cause of any vision problems including astigmatism. He/ she would also provide you with the professional advice to correct your vision.

An optometrist can advice you for the corrective lenses to use to correct focusing errors. Prescription eyeglasses correct astigmatism and smooth the focus across your field of view. Depending upon your degree of astigmatism, you might wear eyeglasses all the time or just when concentrating on a specific task. A new spectacle correction for astigmatism can be uncomfortable at first but it will get comfortable when you are used to the spectacles after some time.



In some cases, your optical prescription may need to be modified over time to achieve a particular balance between clarity and visual comfort.

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