Let's rationalize broadly about the digital world and how it's depleting our vision from a full range of devices that we use on personal as well as business levels. It has been researched that all digital devices share the same focal point of demolishing our vision over time. The safest connotation to this statement is to suggest that our vision is made up of a spectrum of colors and that "blue light" entails a relatively lower height of reflection when it comes to penetrating the cornea. 



Keep in mind that other color lights such as "red" and "green" are either above or in-between the formation of the spectrum of rays but the "blue light" is stationed at a position where it becomes easy for the digital rays to enter the eyes and disrupt vision.  



Moreover, the cornea which is the "focusing screen" of the eyes absorbs blue light out of its shortest wavelength, which in turn causes damage and depletes the vision quality if not protected with a special blue light-blocking layer of glasses. But - all in all, what is blue light and how does this ray reach out to us? Read more briefly on "Do blue light-blocking glasses protect your eyes from the digital rays''?



What Is Blue Light?

The visible spectrum carries a range of lights. For instance, green, red, and precisely, blue. But the one with the shortest wavelength magnifies the amount of energy entering our cornea. The blue light is there in the range and is denoted by "High Energy Visible '' in the spectrum. It is measured in NM (nanometers) and is an inevitable source of light to produce digital imagery.


Since it remains on the "shortest" rung of the spectrum, it is twice as easy for the blue light to enter our eyes from the center of the cornea and gradually deflate our vision. But on the flip side - the human eye requires a certain amount of blue light to function and sleep at night, making this light a bittersweet reality for our vision.


Too much blue light causes corneal abnormalities, red eyes, and even eye tumors. It is said that naturally we don't have the protocols to block off the emerging blue light and there's a need for an antidote in the form of blue light-blocking glasses.



Which Devices Emit The Blue Light?

We're in the "no-getting-away-fact" that using digital devices has become a norm for us to prevail in life. The irony is that the most purposeful devices from the modern era have the maximum tendency to emit blue light. Whether it's your pocket-size mobile phone with your favorite apps or the sleekly built laptop screen to check emails - every digital device entails the blue light with the shortest range. It makes us inevitable to absorb this digital ray. 


Interestingly enough, the natural source of blue light is the sun which extends the same salvo of rays but with higher frequency and in UV form. Does it develop an argument that these sun rays are as damaging to your eyes as they are to the skin? The answer is: phenomenally, yes. They are. From a fancy tablet gripped in the toddler's bosom to the LED screen stationed in the lounge, the blue light-backed devices are welcomed with arms wide open to our household with little to no knowledge of what they do to our vision in the long run. 


How Does Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help Protect Your Vision?

The blue light-blocking glasses consist of a special coating that filters and passes in only a ratio of digital rays that are beneficial for vision. This special coating pioneer the catching of blue light and is sprawled all over the lenses. What we don't notice is that a subtle yellow tint is engineered into the blue light coating to balance the amount of blue energy being emitted from devices but it can’t be pinpointed directly from the human eye. 



The digital screen protection glasses ensure that we acquire maximum digital productivity by regulating protection from blue light. It is also observed that people who spend hours glued to their smart devices without any sort of digital protection to their vision are twice as likely to suffer from the digital strain. Using blue light-blocking glasses is a profound and affordable way of battering the hazardous digital rays and completing your day-to-day tasks with safety & security from the optically harmful: blue light. 



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