Trick or Treat: 4 Glasses For A Head-Turning Halloween Look

The spooky escapade is back as we march closer to the Halloween 2019 with festive vibes all around. That’s right! It’s time for trick or treat while shrouded in our favorite Halloween character. Since Halloween brings about super wardrobe excitement for teens and kids, why not we join the bandwagon of looking like the mysteriously erie character from the future? This festival is abuzz for its costume frenzy, which makes it imperative to smash the all-so exotic Halloween look. When castles are lit with carved pumpkins and every street is tottered by the spooky-looking characters, it’s time to explore the 5 glasses to strike a head-turning halloween look this year. From Velma Dinkley’s chunky frames to Moaning Myrtle's scary subtle rounds, get your halloween 2019 glasses.

1) Austin Powers: (Austin Powers The Movie):

Let’s just re-do what Halloween is about: maintaining a head-turning look which is spooky as well as funny. Well, the glasses from the cult-hit Austin Powers is sure to bedazzle the on-lookers with timeless memories. As we’ve all chuckled along the dialogues by the main protagonist (Austin Powers) and his arch-nemesis, Dr Evil, this Halloween, bring back the 90’s laughter and dress up like Austin Powers with this rectangle frame.  

2) Velma Dinkley: (Scooby Doo):

It’s not Halloween officially until we infuse a bit of pretension by saying it outloud “Jinkies” the Velma style. Yes - Velma Dinkley takes us back to the past with Scooby Doo adventures. But, her attire is an epitome of geeky and funky thrills. Nab this Halloween look and find your ghost-catching squad this year. Dress up like Velma Dinkley.

3) Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter):

Halloween is about surfacing a new lane of enigma with dresses inspired by the ghosts & goblins. What’s unique about moaning myrtle is her place of haunting the school-goers: a restroom. First unveiled in Harry Potter 2 (Chamber of Secrets), this wandering spirit from the magical underworlds can be your Halloween character this year. But, are you impish enough to mimic her blood-curdling voice? Try it out this Halloween!  

4) Clark Kent (Superman):

We were wondering if the phrase “bolt from the blue” had proclivity for a practical application. Then we thought of dressing up as Superman on Halloween 2019. That’s right. The iconoclastic square glasses worn by Clark Kent have found their resort in the Halloween wardrobe. Keep things akin; find a semi casual disguise with bright blue tee inside. Get going on shrouding into the Superman attire and save some naive souls from getting tricked. 

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