The Solitary Maverick: Happy Martin Luther King JR. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. was a very forward-looking, iron-made, individual leader who strived until his last breath to shackle the captivities of social injustice. His influence started from the African American Civil Rights Movement when his ideas sputtered out historic outputs.


Martin Luther King was a voice of the oppressed and a person who showed a great level of empathy towards all civilians. Be it the banter against the war in Vietnam or blunt findings of what’s reaping the United States of America, Luther King was a solitary maverick who railed against the system and diffused the bomb of unwanted hatred & racism with his heroic schedule. His relentless rage and mountaintop courage to batter the winds of injustice makes him a star in world history.


Great Facts – Martin Luther King Day:

1. Despite a casual smoker, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in the dead of the night while standing in the balcony with his signature cigar.

2. During his flamboyant career, he initiated more than 15 protests which include the famous “Montgomery Bus Boycott” and “Walk To Freedom”.

3. In 1964, during his cardinal career days, Martin Luther King was awarded The Noble Peace Prize which is greatly lauded in history.

4. Along with polemic speaking, Martin Luther King Jr. fluently authored various books with “Why We Can't-Wait” and “Strength To Love” is the best.

5. He surfaced a quintessential work of art in the form of a morale-lifting speech called “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” delivered in Memphis, Tennessee.



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