The Correct Method To Sanitize Your Glasses At Home


Since glasses are labelled as a highly personal accessory which is never passed around, it’s important to keep it cleansed, safe and protected from any infections or bacteria. It has been an imperative step into the world of hygiene to keep our belongings sanitized, however, it’s twice as important today after the COVID-19 has progressively reached 180+ countries. Whether the glasses have newly arrived or are with you for a long time, after a daily usage, it is of great importance to sanitize your eyeglasses.  

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control), this pandemic level infection could survive on the metal and plastic surfaces for hours and days, adding a concern for those around us. Moving on, we mistakenly touch our eyes and nose at the time of adjusting the glasses, which may create a despicable scenario of transferring germs, not just COVID-19. It’s time to learn the correct method to sanitize your glasses and keep your vision protected from all dimensions. Use these doable tips to curtail the transmission.

The Correct Method To Sanitize Your Glasses At Home

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