The Best Tricks To Avoid The Fogging Of Prescription Eyeglasses

The latest health pandemic has scarred lives with its extraordinarily cautious and preventive measures. Since it has taken away the normality from usual chores, the COVID-19 has also impacted the way we use our commodities, including the use of glasses.


As it has become mandatory to use face masks during these unprecedented times, this add-on itself comes with the troubling consequences for the glass-wearers The majority of the people have encountered that their prescription eyeglasses begin fogging up from the forefront as soon as they inhale & exhale through the mask. Knowing that glasses for millions is simply a means to maintain a healthily clearer vision, we have composed a few DIY gigs to avoid the fogging of your prescription eyeglasses.



Learn to work it out with glasses and the face mask without creating a hassle for your vision.



Unveiling The Truth - Why Do Your Glasses Fog Up With The Mask On? 


During the pandemic, even the best glasses online have started acting up with the fog effect. However, in the nutshell, the reason is more simple and arbitrary than to be thought of. At the time of breathing, the warm vapors escape the narrow chinks of the mask and settle on the lenses. They remain there until they’re wiped out with a cloth or the tissue. This effect dates back to the days when people started wearing scarfs with the glasses and felt the aftermath of the fogged-up lenses which deprived them of their usage. 


Learn The Best Tricks To Avoid The Fogging of The Prescription Eyeglasses: 

It’s definitely a problematic situation for those who build up their vision with a pair of glasses. However, the post-modern antidote for the eyewear that fog is here. The optometrists claim that several situational DIY’s may help in eradicating the foaming up of the vapors. Explore the best tricks to keep the lenses free from fogging up at your home. 


1) Get The Correct Fitting:

It has been found out that every face mask is designed with a metal strip that controls its flex. Likewise, getting the right fitting is equally important. The experts suggest that bending the iron strip and tightening the fit from the ear loops, cheeks, and nose may recalibrate the position of the face mask. In turn, the fumes will go through the mask instead of perching on the lenses from the top or sides.


This way, you can resolve your face mask dilemma. The fitting has to be staggeringly proper in order to re-shape the mask correctly. 


2) Tape Up Your Mask:


Another hassle-free option to iron out the fogging from the glasses is using the tape. Be it adhesive or the medical one, the tape should cover the width of the mask, starting from the nose and ending up on the cheeks. In case of being allergic to such substance, use a different type of tape that adheres to your face skin.


Moreover, do not tighten the face mask too much as it may have adversities after prolonged use of the face mask. 


3) Wear Thick-Styled Frames:


The experts have cut the mustard by devising that the thick-styled frames are your savior when it comes to fogged-up glasses. Instead of using the tape, pull the mask higher on the face, and use the frame weight to settle it in the correct position. This way, you can block the airflow and stop the lenses from fogging up. However, this is for glasses that offer a sturdy existence. Get thick glasses and keep your glass lenses fog-free.

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