We find ourselves in a disappointing situation once we purchase the new eyeglasses and begin having issues with their fitting. Off-course - we cannot mend the problems that emerge out of the technical side of the glasses i.e. lenses (wrong prescription, etc) but we've full control over tweaking the way our frames embrace our face with special attention towards the frame tightness and looseness.


Although - the methods of adjusting your glasses at home may slightly vary from the sort of frame style you’ve purchased the basic steps towards fine-tuning its fit remain the same. Even if you’ve used the correct frame size, shape, and style to take your eyewear experience to another level - you can still dislike the feel of them which results in the diagnosis of having fitting issues that need addressing. Learn the universal method of adjusting your glasses at home with DIY methods of positional adjustments and technical twisting of your frame.


1) DO THIS IF - your frame is TILTING

This may often happen to the frames that are light and bendable. If your glasses are tilting more to one side and creating an imbalance of position, then follow these steps to resolve this problem. It is notably easy to point out the tilting issue of the glasses when you put them on the surface and inspect their structure. 




It has everything to do with the arm of the glasses (part of the frame which rests behind your ears). Bend the "arm" all the way to the hinge. If the "left" side of the frames seems higher and tiled then try bending the right arm and do just the opposite with the "right" side. You can also dampen off the temples under warm water to make them more flexible. 



2) DO THIS IF - your frame is slipping away from the face

This happens when the nose pads are pushed slightly outward and lose their original resort. Slipping may not result in abrupt falls when it comes to glasses but it can cause face discomfort and other annoyances while wearing the frame. 



The obstacles of slipping and sliding are solely concerned with the temples (a part of the glasses that contour your ears) and requires immediate attention of resolve to avoid any loss. It's recommended to rinse your glasses under warm water for half a minute. Then - put your fingers on the part of the temples (the bending point) and pressure it up and down. This helps in getting the snug fit of the glasses back. Other times - you can simply force the nose pads inward or outward with mild strength to tweak the looseness and tightness of your glasses on the face.  



3) DO THIS IF - your frame is pinching your face

Pinching is associated with the tightening sensation felt around the nose. It can be fixed by tweaking the position of the nose bridges and temples. This helps in resorting to the original level of comfort and more quality time with the glasses.


Start by damping your frames under warm water for half a minute. Then - proceed by pressuring up that part of the temples that bends in a downward spiral. Push the "bent part" upward and outward to free up the tightness of the glasses around your ears. This stops the pinching and ensures that your glasses are synchronizing with your face skin well. 

Use the aforementioned tips to adjust your glasses at home without using any equipment. However, for all lens-related issues - we recommend consulting an optometrist for a further evaluation of the eyeglass lenses. Happy wearing!


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