Some Of The Common Eye Diseases In Elderly People


Our eyes are the greatest gifts from God and they must be cared of if you really love to see this beautiful world. However, as we get closer to the elderly age, which is usually 60 & over, people tend to have some eye-related problems.



In this article, we will discuss comprehensively some age-linked eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.



One of the major diseases today, which we hear from many elderly people, is cataract. This forms as a clouding of the lens inside the eye. When the protein in the lens bundles together, it starts forming cloud over a small region in the lens.





A person who has this disease usually complains about brightness issues, fuzzy & double visualization in one eye. The only method to get rid of this situation is through surgery that protects from vision loss.


As you come near old age, your chances for cataracts get higher. In comparison, women are at higher possibility for cataracts. Also those who have a family history of eye-related problems are more likely to have cataracts.



Another major problem, which could also damage eye's optic nerve, sight loss or blindness, is Glaucoma. It is amongst the main reasons of vision loss in the United States. Keep in mind that glaucoma actually has no indications. However, someone suffering from glaucoma may see a sign of vision failing steadily.





These days, there are various medicines available used to cure from glaucoma. In some cases where medications fail to work, surgery is the ultimate solution. Some reasons for glaucoma include family history, age, use of steroid medicines and being near-sighted.


Diabetic Retinopathy

Comes third on the list is possibly blinding illness, which is a great complication of diabetes, which creates irregular changes in the retina. Eyes blood vessels become leaking and start to nurture at the wrong place. These blood vessels tend to bleed or sometimes, hemorrhage.




Some major symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy include dark objects that near vision, hazy or inaccurate vision and partial loss of the sight. For people who have steadily high blood pressure or high sugar are likely to have hazards of Retinopathy.


Unfortunately, science has not found any cure for this disease yet. Nonetheless, laser treatment is typically operative, in order to avoid vision loss, if performed before the retina gets impaired.


Macular Degeneration

Comes last on this list is Macular Degeneration and this disease reduces eyesight at a very high speed. Even though, people with this illness hardly go blind, many people find difficulty in driving, reading and performing daily activities. Degeneration of Macular greatly affects vision.




People having this disease usually go through a laser surgery. While the person’s age is the major risk factor to get MD, people usually after 75 are likely to develop this disease. The individual’s family history, race, especially white skin people, and smokers are at higher risk factors.


Frequent Eye Exam is very essential for seniors!

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