Progressive Eyeglasses, your solution for keeping just one Eyeglasses for all your vision problems

Imagine yourself at an age of 40 or 45. Not now but imagine a time when you would require eyeglasses for all three types of vision problems like far, intermediate and near. Not to worry, the Latest advancement in eye care and lens technology have come up with Progressive Eyeglasses. These type of Eyeglasses have special type of Lenses called Progressive Lenses or Varifocal lenses which takes care of all your vision problems for far, intermediate and near distances. It also adds the distance and computer vision problems.


Progressive Eyeglasses


The advantage with Progressive Eyeglasses is that it takes care of your three vision problems and you don’t have to use different Eyeglasses at a time for different vision requirements. These Progressive Eyeglasses are definitely more advance than bifocal or trifocal eyeglasses. With Progressive Eyeglasses, you would have a special lens with more diopters that offer a more clear view for near, intermediate and far visions so that your vision problems are solved with just one pair of eyeglasses.


Progressive Visions


You would have to get used to these Progressive Eyeglasses as they have No-Line Varifocals Lenses. We would recommend to first try them at home by getting used to them and then you may use them outside of home.


Wear them as much as you can, it would help in getting used to them. It may be hard at first but sooner you would be comfortable with these Progressive Eyeglasses. Take special precaution while driving with these Progressive Eyeglasses.


You might also want to take special precautions when you are walking down the stairs and looking down while wearing these Progressive Eyeglasses.  You would be required to lower your head also while looking down, you must not lower your eyes on the lenses while looking down as then you would be looking at the near vision diopters of the lens and may not see the stairs clearly.


Progressive Eyeglasses

At Goggles4u, you can easily opt for Short corridor and Wider Corridor progressive Lenses. For the powers to be manufactured in a lens, Progressive lenses would have to made bigger for the different lens powers. However lens manufactures quickly overcome this problem by introducing Wide corridor progressive lenses. They are combines with more sophisticated lens design to accumulate all three vision powers in a signal lens.


Progressive Visions


The design of a progressive lens depends on the length and width of the progressive power corridor and how much it can be used for viewing different viewing distances. Different areas of the corridor may be expanded and thus are called Wider Corridor Progressive lenses.

It always depends upon your usage and your prescription requirements. Some progressive lenses are made specifically for computer use which have a wider intermediate zone in the lens, some for reading use which have a larger reading diopter area or portion.

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