Make your eyes the key to attraction!

Loving to get special attention from the audience and friends is something everyone loves. It is also known that people with larger eyes are tend to be more attractive than others as it looks appealing and striking. This is truly a nature’s gift and people with wider eyes should be grateful of looking gorgeous without spending any money for their prettiness.

make your eyes the key to attraction

But what if someone has smaller sized eyes, and desire to still look appealing among the crowd? This question remained critical and people still spend lot of money on surgeries or others ways, so to make the eyes seem larger. People using eyeglasses want their eyes to appear larger so they can easily expose their beauty of their eyes to the spectators. But just because your eye size is smaller doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to look stunning at all!

However, we will discuss some ways to make them seem wider without making use of any type of make-ups, and see how easy it is than what usually we believe. Just these few basic steps in your life can make a vast difference to your facial appearance without any surgery or other serious methods.

Get adequate night sleep!

get adequate night sleep

It is known that those who don’t get to sleep sufficiently are likely to have shrink-looking eyes compared to the people who get enough sleep during the day. What lack of sleep does is that it leaves your eyes to appear smaller in size as well as some dark shades around your eye region. You can soothe your eyes by applying moist tea bags that we usually throw away after making tea. Other therapies like applying cucumber or any cold spoon over the stressed eyes can also make them appear larger in size.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Greatly known as a big factor of impairing the vision, one must avoid direct exposure to sunlight harmful Ultra violet rays. These rays can highly effect your eyes, resulting n some serious damages to your retina. There are today eyeglasses available that have already UV protected coating on them, so one can easily and without any harm go wherever they want without being exposed by direct sunlight.

Quitting smoking greatly helps!

quitting smoking

It has been observed that people who smoke cigarette not just causes havoc on the lungs, but it makes on your eyes. The damage occurs to your eyes, especially the vision precision and dark circles around them will untimely cause creases and fine lines to your eyes look, resulting in making them appear smaller than their actually size.

Wearing an ultimate pair of glasses!

wearing sunglasses

Glasses are actually designed, so to make your eyes appear larger. In reality, a perfect pair of eyeglass should draw consideration of the mass towards you. Select the frame that is the correct in shape for your face and has a fabulous style, color that matches to your facial tone and hair style as well. This will support to boost your looks and at the same time, make your eyes look larger instead of making them seem smaller!

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