In The Know: The 4 New Exotic Frame Styles For You


Making a choice in frame styles is the foremost step in ascertaining ourselves with great eyeglasses. It’s a prelude which sets the theme and persona of glasses and what we’re about to perch on visage. Likewise, as the time is ticking, more frame designs are being escalated toward the horizon, claiming to us that we make a pick from uncountable choices.  At times, we fail to reflect the true value for money by selecting a not-so-elegant frame, which is why, staying in the know matters. Explore the 6 new exotic frame styles that deter hideous styles and layer you with vogue.


The Double Wired Silvers:


The iconic, inventive and incredible “Double Wired” is setting bars high for high-fashioned individuals. This frame exhibits inclined rectangle eye wires mimicking a diagonal shape. The 129417 double-wired holds premium perfection for glass-wearers. As subtle as it may be, this frame glamorously illustrates dual shining framework with dark contrasted temples. Look futuristic by flaunting the double-wired silvers.




The Bold-Gold Squares:


The Bold-Gold infuses an unfathomable class veneered with broadly impressive artwork on its nose-bridge. This frame has sheer magnificence to consume the weekender’s vibe. The bold-gold is captivating and clutches on the comfort with nose-pads that control skin marks. This frame exhibits glorious rivets with extended sleekness for temples.          



The Matte-Maroon Pantos:


Matte-Maroon is a subversive red shade which lilts on lighter and darker notes. The matte-maroon pantos is as extra ordinary, manufactured with highest level of plastic technology. This pantos is your feel-good frame with top corners bowed outward. This frame echoes attention for its comfort, affordability and color uniqueness.




The Printed-Purple Rectangles:



This flaming printed purple is the intimation of today’s vogue with a piercing combination of metal and plastic. This frame sleek combination of metal and plastic. This frame makes you bask in its flamboyant color patterns with mildly curved eye wires. The printed-purple is diva’s go to frame for the weekend vibes and girl’s day out.



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