Happy Mother's Day: Honoring The Heroics of Motherhood

Growing up - we all make friends on various interludes of life who accompany us in the journey. However, the first ever friend we gain is our mother whose services are matchless & heaven-sent until God sends another angel in a human form. A mother is the life’s manual who truly pushes and proves herself regardless of financial, physical and fortuned hardships. It’s her endless love and care that make our lives beautiful, worth-living and complete.  
The real charm of motherhood is in realizing how little a mother expects and how much she invests in keeping us happy. Abraham Lincoln - a famous American president words the love of mother as “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”.

When we think of the word “Mother”, it bounces back to us as maternal bonds, cooking antiques, routine master, life advisor, avid listener, bread-winner and someone who puts everyone before her. A mother is an unwavering tree of strength whose shadow prepares us for the worldly challenges.

Happy Mother’s Day - Celebrating The Solitary Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day - although, it is arguably true that the single day doesn't wholy compliment the mother’s wide-ranging and far-reaching efforts for us, we still honor the apron-wearing angels, working women wizards and saint like single-parent moms who build the lives of their children. It is mandatory to look at the motherly love from a different vantage point: inside out and outside in, because her solitary motherhood is a triumph of its own. The heroics of motherhood is in realizing her transcendence into two ultimately different models of reality: being a breadwinner and achieving corporate flourish at workplace or providing tender-loving comfort to her children without haughtiness and carelessness. A single-parent mother is at best the true strength of a woman, setting examples of how the infinite love in her knows no boundaries.

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