Happy Easter: Cherish The History & Buy Inspiring Frames Online


Easter is the most celebrated, pious and memorable day in the rich history of christianity. Evidenced by The New Testament, this day denotes the resurrection of Jesus Christ to heaven on the third day of his crucifixion. As Jesus ascended to his supreme resort, the world peeks into a retrospect and celebrates his holy rise on “Easter”, which befalls after Good Friday.

Again, it’s that time of the year when millions will delve into the inspiring fragments of history, fly home, eat hearty meals, paint easter eggs and celebrate the day with families. As Easter is conceptualized over the rebirth of cultures and discoveries of the new spectrum, it’s equally exciting to upgrade your frame wardrobe at Goggles4U. Buy festive-ready frames that enthrall your outfit with easter vibes.  

Easter & The Main Takeaways

1 - The week prior to Easter has its own historic significance and is termed as  “Holy Week” with believers celebrating Jesus's entrance to Jerusalem.

2 - This week is “Holy” for the “PassOver” dinner that Jesus Christ had attended with his disciples.

3 - Easter marks the miraculously divine resurrection of Jesus Christ with “The New Testament” evidenting it.

4 - In the month of Easter, the religious discipline named "Lent" is observed for 6 weeks which streams up to the main event. This period of spiritual fasting starts with "Ash Wednesday".

5 - Easter calls for the worldwide celebration with churches getting decorated with flowers and resonating with special hymns and odes for Jesus Christ. This practice is of international status.

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