Quite understandably, one of the best preludes of buying new glasses is to measure your face shape. Since, it has become a growing concern for novice glass-wearers to get the fitting right, especially when buying eyeglasses online, it is mandatory to discover the highest, lowest, widest and most pointed areas of face to get the best output with your buy. There are numerous methods to determine the right size of your face shape: however, doing it yourself is the easiest and shortest method to redeem its overall layout. Likewise, we can imply the famous “cross-shape method” but it is imprecise and erroneous. Let’s learn to measure your face shape with a simple home trick.


All we need is a tape measure, a clear & ample-size mirror and pen to note down the measurements. This method is based on 4 simple steps that reveal the exact structure of your face.


1 - Measure The Cheekbones:

We start measuring the face shape from the cheekbones. Put the tape measure at the outer part of your eye and stretch it until the nose bridge. Ensure that your tape measure remains stiff and straight. Write measurements with tape positioned right above cheekbones.

2 - Measure The Jawline:

This step follows the shortest process of measurement. Start off by putting one end of the tape at the edge of the jaw line which ends underneath the ear. Now - move the tape over to the middle of the jawline. Do the math and multiply the results by 2 to get the figure.

3 - Measure The Forehead:

Since forehead is prominent and relatively more spacious than any other part of the face, it’s easier to measure it. Go from hairline to hairline and ensure that the widest points of forehead are monitored. Note down the measurement and proceed with the mission.

4 - Measure The Length of Face:

The length of face has its own significance. Measure it by starting off from the middle of the hairline and sprawling the measure tape towards the end of your chin. Ensure that the tape doesn’t skip the “nose” and goes right over it to match its conclusive point. Measure the face length.


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