Five Men’s Frames Styles That Never Go Beyond Fashion

Knowing the fundamental fact that men are not as shopaholic as women, and in other words, some men simply don’t want to ever go for shopping like women do! This is something that really cannot be changed due to their sluggishness or lack of hanging out practices like women.

Five Mens Frames Styles That Never Go Beyond Fashion

You certainly have to go out when there is sometimes no choice than just take out some time for your routine shopping. But when the topic comes to buying online prescription eyeglasses, you do get some indulgence in this regards as Goggles4u, which is one of the most reliable and top-ranking site for shopping prescription eyeglasses.

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major types of frames

Now let’s converse on the five major types of frames, especially for the laidback men out there who want to get their eyeglasses in their hands, sitting at their places!

1. The All-Time Classy Round

So, why did I just mentioned this as an All-Time Round? Any valid reason? See, like everything time also comes back to the same place where it began from. For instance, people in 60’s and 70’s made use of this type of eyeglasses generously to divulge their classy persona audaciously in any type of congregation.

All Time Classy Round

Now, time has come again and many people are again employing this shape of frame in their everyday routine to make their looks classy yet eye-catching. This frame could be best for people with Heart-shaped face that makes their persona augmented unquestionably!

2. Choose Aviator, be Masculine!

For those who don’t want to speak anything about themselves and let their eyeglasses speck up for their characters, then this Aviator shape could be undoubtedly be the exceptional opt!

Aviators frames online

Some of the great Hollywood celebrities also make use of this best type to remain courageous and influencing among their fans. Aviator frames could be surely superlative for people with Oval-shaped face that makes their personalities amplified incontestably.

3. Rectangular shape for Minimalistic Men!

Among the classy yet still very eye-catching frame shape is none other than the urban-style rectangular eyeglasses, which are available in either rimless, half-rim or full-rim shapes.

rectangular frames online

This shape frame is really nice and offers a sophisticated temperament to those who love to get to hear great words from friends & others. When wearing a rimless, it is hardly noticeable that you are wearing a glasses or not. Great for people with Oval & diamond shaped faces.

4. Frames made of light-weight TR90

TR90 frame online

Some people want to declare their appearance heroically and love to have almost NO weight on their face when wearing eyeglasses. For such beloved buyers, Goggles4u offers extremely durable and light-weighted TR90 material frames, which are available in massive collection at Goggles4u inventory.

5. Funky, Colorful Frames!


How we can ever forget the funky yet nerdy looking frames as we know the taste of such people too; we are so offering best quality collection for them, to portray them with best looks, which boosts their confidence in any audience or other activities.

Why to Choose Goggles4U?

Goggles4 has a vast collection for such colorful, funky type eyeglasses at the most inexpensive prices, so any can afford to buy multiple pairs as you definitely can’t run a single pair for a long time. However, at such unbelievable prices, you can own many pairs to offer a new look every day!

At, you do not need to worry as we rank amongst the high-ranking websites when the time comes to buying a new prescription eyeglasses for men and women. Having more than 3000 different frames, men can definitely choose the best that suits their face structure and personality. You can call, chat or email them regarding any query for new order. So hurry and buy a new pair for you or your loved one today with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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