Fabulously Empowered: Celebrating The International Women's Day



Words can’t do justice to what women have offered to this world, leaving us on the tenterhooks of their heroic potential in changing the planet. In 1901, history was made when a minor protest by a socialist party stood up against the system and fought the status-quo. Women, today, is the byproduct of a worldwide suffering, starting from domestic violence, unemployment and social inequality with men.


However, in the nutshell, it’s their social glue that keep the society hinged. This calls for a worldwide celebration for women whimpering in the labor, escalating the corporate ladder to feed their family, downing the dubious gazes and taking care of their children with kitchen artistry. Thanks to those miraculous souls, who, when called vulnerable, raised their voices to reclaim the birth rights.


International Women’s Day – The Rise of Women:


In the midst of social injustice and international suffrage, women evaded the social obstacles and made this world a pleasant peregrination for smiling divas. The initiative was taken in Copenhagen in 1911 which marks the worldwide rise of women with a day oriented for the struggles and achievements. A new beginning prevailed and the underestimated spirit of the women turned into Beyoncé, Anne Sexton, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Mother Teresa, Frida Kahlo, Emily Bronte and Serena Williams.


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