Explore The Most Essential Add Ons For Your Winter Eyeglasses

Explore The Most Essential Add Ons  For Your Winter Eyeglasses


It is always fun to adapt to the seasonal change and unlike the scorching summers; the winter season helps elevate our lifestyle and the mood in a better way. Amid the drastic changes done in nature and our wardrobe, even our eyeglasses need a revamp in the form of the most essential add-ons for your winter glasses.

The technical side of the frames which are the “lenses” should come with the potential to brave the vision obstacles that we encounter during winters. We’re hinting at the sight-damaging UV rays that deflect from the snow piles and a consistent change in the lighting conditions: from overcast to a bright & breezy day. Explore the most essential add-ons to buy with your next winter prescription eyeglasses to batter this season with a stable vision.


1) Anti-Reflective Lenses



1) Anti-Reflective Lenses

Anti-reflective or AR or anti-glare coating is a special thin layer positioned over the lens surface to drive out the glares and halo lights at night from the vision. Whether it’s the skyscrapers reflecting the sunshine with their exterior mirror work or the fast-coming driver with a high-beam on, the anti-reflective glasses offer a new take on the vision by deflecting the rays which are not required by your eyes. The anti-reflective glasses also aid when the sun is out and the corporate architects such as the buildings, billboards, and banners reflect light directly toward your eyes. Further, the anti-reflective lenses ensure that you maintain a clear vision in your professional as well as social endeavors during winters.





Photochromic Lenses New



2) Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic or self-tinting lenses offer a great grip on the complexities that a glass-wearer would face during winters. A pair with the photochromics installed uses its light-adaptability by turning dark under the bright light and becoming clear during the indoor time. Some customers remain confused between photochromic glasses and regular sunglasses. It easily negates the requirement of carrying 2 individual pairs for different weather conditions: overcast or sunny yet breezy. The photochromic lenses ensure that the tinting effect takes place as soon as the UV rays react with the molecular sheet posted on the lenses when exposed to a bright landscape. At the same time - it reverts to its original clear state when you are comfortably present in a dim-light environment.






Hydrophobic Glasses


3) Hydrophobic Lenses

Hydrophobic lenses steer clear of the water droplets from perching on the lenses. This could happen in the winter amid the extreme mist and fog, especially when there's morning dew, the hydrophobic glasses come into action as they're water-repellent and do not let the liquid settle and distort your vision.

This lens type also helps the sportsmen from getting rid of the sweat; as the water droplets may converge usually but not when the hydrophobic lenses are there. That's why - when it comes to classes with an edge for sports - the hydrophobic lenses come into action for their striking quality of sliding off the water droplets.




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