The colors of the year are here - thanks to the management at Pantone for being prompt and turning a new leaf with color psychology. Since this company is at the forefront of selecting the best colors for prints, product development, and color trends, it's time to cross-check your eyewear wardrobe and ensure that it is Pantone-friendly in 2021. Similarly - Pantone's blast from the past was "Classic Blue" which received global traction and a considerable number of corporate brands used this shade to create their business designs and so do the production houses.

All in all - we've seen numerous eyewear trends catching up with the blues from the last year. This time around - Pantone attained a new approach with its trend analysis; being hopeful, vibrant, energetic, and steadiness for acquiring a safer world by unveiling the two colors of the year. One is bright yellow which the color experts dub as "illuminating" and the other one is "ultimate gray" which impressively contrasts with its paired color and exhibits a fading opacity into the dark.

But we can't curb the question which arises with its topmost possibility: Does your new pair of glasses represent the Pantone color of the year in 2021? Since versatility is the backbone of fashion - it's time to check if your eyewear wardrobe is based on the illuminating yellow or the ultimate grey and are you representing the agenda of hope, certainty, and togetherness for the years to come?



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