Cornea Concern: How To Correct Your Astigmatism For A Clear Vision

Cornea Concern: How To Correct Your Astigmatism For A Clear Vision

Let’s not lament. This prolong and fierce word “astigmatism” is not as harsh as it may sounds; perking up ears from optometrists. Astigmatism is not an eye diseases but a curable cornea alignment issue which lessens the quality of vision.   Although, it comes with low risk at first; astigmatism, in the long run, may affect eye health plans and genuinely add blurriness to the vision. Moreover, 1 out of 3 Americans have this eye condition from a very young age. This syndrome can take any shape or form in human eyes.

Astigmatism & The Causes:

The literature related to astigmatism remains vague; following its exact cause in the human cornea. It has contagious and natural occurrence and people may catch it any time without any condition. However, in some cases, astigmatism is a usual suspect of an eye injury, eye disease or optical surgery. Likewise, reading under a low-light also cause astigmatism.

Astigmatism & Your Vision:

Astigmatism begins from the center of your cornea and malfunctions that light entering the eye. With this syndrome, the angles through which cornea focuses on objects, are affected and blurs the vision on various interludes. Astigmatism may also team up with other vision deficits such as near and far sightedness, dropping the actual vision quality with blurriness.

Cornea Concern: How To Correct Your Astigmatism For A Clear Vision

Astigmatism - What’s The Cure?

The cure for astigmatism depends on the degree to which your cornea has become cone-shaped. This gives birth to two pathway of cures: wearing prescription glasses or using contact lenses. Astigmatism may affect in varying degrees through which your eyesight loses its sharpness. Depending on your eye-test, an eye-specialist may advise you to wear glasses or bare the slight brunt of being in this diagnosis. Moreover, astigmatism can be cured with surgical procedures as it is possible to get the cornea back into shape by a laser surgery.





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