Coachella 2019: Get Festival Glasses For The Exotic Music Scene



The sun is out. The crowd is roaring and festive vibes have already permeated the open & wild landscape of Indigo, California. It’s time for Coachella 2019, a larger-than-life music festival with grandiose list of musicians doing their rock-n-roll to serenade the sun-dappled crowd of music lovers.



Started in 1999, after woodstock, Coachella Music Valley and Arts Festival is echoing its music scene with stars such as Ariana Grande, NSYNC, Pusha-T, Wiz Khalifa and Tampa Impala already setting the stage ablaze. 2019 is more sun and obviously more fun with mad-for-music festival goers igniting their coachella effect with exotic tinted glasses and many-hued outfits.



The question is: are you coachella ready? Don’t let lazer sun rays disrupt your vision even for a bit. Get exclusive coachella theme glasses for the biggest music scene of 2019. 




1 - Get Janelle Monae Glasses From Coachella 2019

Janelle Monae is aware of her craft and so she throws a shade of simplicity over the polka dot hat. Here - she’s looking down upon the enthralling crowd in round glasses with maroon tints. A perfect move to deflect the sun glare and amp up her color-fab outfit. Get Janellee Monae coachella glasses here with mild maroon tints and the gleaming front.




2 - Get Louise Cooney Glasses From Coachella 2019

Louise Cooney - the decorated fashion blogger from the vibrant streets of Dublin, Ireland, is flaunting her quintessential coin-beaded dress and rocking white cat eyes infused with mirrored lenses at Coachella. She knows how to theme up against the colorful and picturesque backdrops. Get Louise Cooney glasses to bask in her sizzle at Coachella.




3 - Get H.E.R Glasses From Coachella 2019


Laced in styles, H.E.R, is an american songwriter and singer whose attainments include a Grammy, is raving in her own glory with skewed round sunnies with jet black tints to batter the dancing Coachella sun. Her loose orange burnt outfit is in sync with dark & circular pairs. Get H.E.R glasses in coachella 2019 to groove on her R&B ballads and downcast beats.

We all start at some point, right? If you’re ready to groove on your favorite beat, pose next to coachella themed backdrops and swashbuckle in the chilling pool with beer-cheers then explore our handpicked hoard of coachella-ready glasses to blaze up styles:

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