Recite, Recall & Rejoice - A Happy World Poetry Day To You

Recite, Recall & Rejoice - A Happy World Poetry Day To You

We all are trapped in some kind of art, said by Terence McKenna. Numerous movers, shakers and celestial-status geniuses from present and past state that poetry is a profound, magical and self-indulging form of art that untie the knots of emotions with figurative words and text which often rhymes. In classic and contemporary times, all languages have witnessed the honorary presence of free-thinking poets who either smeared deeply-ingested human emotions into words or used their verses to stand against the status quo.

Many names can be credited here: like Allen Ginsberg who baptized the “Flower Power” revolution or John Milton for his masterpiece “Paradise Lost”, poetry is a quintessential work of art that waltz through the cultures and empower the lost souls. There are a variety of styles opted today to craft eye-opening poems entitled as the ode, elegy, limerick, sestina, blank verse, and rhyme royal. In terms of formation, the poems are broken down into sonnet, couplets, stanzas, quatrain and cinquains that poets crack into by themselves.

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World Poetry Day – Get New Reading Glasses For The Riveting Poetic Reads:

World Poetry Day – Get New Reading Glasses For Riveting Poetic Reads:

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