7 Facts to know about Blue Light

Discussing the term “Blue Light”?

Sunlight actually comprises of various color rays as well as blue light rays that depends on the energy of the specific radiations. If they all are accumulated, the spectrum of colored rays forms white light, which is truly the sunlight.

Blue light can be specifically be described as visible light that ranges from 380 to 500 nanometer and is sometimes divided into blue-violet light and blue-turquoise light. Hence, nearly one-third of visible light can be measured as high-energy visible or commonly as Blue-light.

Discussing primary facts about Blue Light

Similar to ultraviolet rays, the percentage of the observable light spectrum having the least wavelengths has benefits and at the same time, some dangers. We will now converse on seven main facts you must remember about blue light:

1. Blue light, in all places!

The primary fact one must remember is that sunlight is the key source of the blue light, and when we are busy every day in any outdoor activity under sunshine, we are tend to get most of exposure to it. There are also some artificially created indoor sources of blue light that includes LED lighting emitted from flat-screen televisions we use every day.

The time people spend daily watching these devices in such closeness of LED screens have many long-term effects to our eyes, which doctors and other health care experts recommend.

2. Reduces Melatonin Production

One of the essential facts to remember about the blue light emitting from TV is that it overwhelms melatonin creation. This is noteworthy as this hormone works by inducing your sleep. And, if brain does not forms enough melatonin, you will not be able to sleep in a better way or even falling asleep.

Thus, for those who desire to obtain better sleep, you must reduce watching televisions at late night hours, and shut down any non-required nearby electronic machineries.

3. High Energy Visible rays and Blue sky

The high-energy emitting rays from the light spectrum sprinkle more effortlessly than further visible light rays when it tosses air and water particles in the air. The higher amount of sprinkling of rays makes the sky look blue in a normal shiny day.

4. The eye is not accurate to block blue light

The structure of a human eye is very effective that stops UV rays from reaching its retina, located at the back of the eyeball. In truth, not even one percent of UV rays reaches to the retina from sunlight, even you aren't making use of sunglasses.

It is necessary to remember that sunglasses blocks the UV radiation and it is the best source to protect eyes from damage that could be the reason to major diseases such as cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration or even complete blindness. Always use superior quality prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight.

5. Blue light is the reason to eye strain

Blue light’s high energy scatters easily than any other form of light so it is not easily observed. When we normally look at the PC screens or any other digital devices releasing high amounts of blue light, it decreases contrast and can become the reason of what is normally known as digital eye strain.

6. Blue light exposure can upsurge the risk of severe eye diseases

It is also known that blue light enters to the retina is significant, as studies show that too much exposure of this can harm light-sensitive cells present human eyes. This is the main reason that can be the source of some of the extremely severe problems like macular degeneration, and this can also lead to permanent vision.

Although many eye care professionals recommend that the additional blue light emitted from computer screens, mobile phones or any other digital devices might intensify the risk of macular degeneration, if not soon then later in lifetime.

7. Remember, not all blue light is severe

After going through the above six facts, you might be thinking that all Blue light that emits either from sunlight or digital devices, but this is not the truth. Not all blue light is bad and in fact, light therapy is used as a seasonal affective disorder treatment.

This is something that people get the depression related to seasonal changes that starts from fall and lasts throughout winter. Moreover, blue light is imperative in variable daily regularity, which is the body's usual alertness and sleep process.

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