4 Smart Tips To Refrain Your Lenses From The Winter Mist

 4 Smart Tips To Refrain Your Lenses From The Winter Mist

Winter is just around the corner in various localities of the world and taking familiar morning strolls in a season when your face gets comfortably dabbed with swirling breezes is a familiar practice. Okay, so you parked up and walked down to a mildly crowded cafe with no chatter noises but only the electric humming of coffee and sandwich makers.

What’s next? Surprise! After reaching the counter’s forefront, you realized that your glasses are fogged up, causing the vision to distort. What’s the first move to make? Knowing that such sticky moments may happen when it’s cold and breezy, it’s essential to embrace the 4 smartest tips to refrain your lenses from the winter mist. 


Foggy Lenses - What’s The Reason?   

It all starts with the lens material and a change in the temperature which allows the condensation to happen. The water vapor in the air turns into liquid and finds any resort possible. Knowing that glasses have the tendency to take up water vapors, the fog begins to contrive onto the lenses. But, what happens when the fog clears? The liquid turns into a gas and evaporates in thin air. Moreover, it helps to scale the clearance of the foggy lenses when we gently move the glasses up and down the air at a mild speed. It’s when the perched vapors begin to fleet and make way for the original material below: the lenses. The fogging isn’t limited to winters as the hot & humid summer airwaves can also ignite the process, especially when we’re within the changing temperature. 


1st Tip - The Fog-Free Lens Material

Since our proclivity is to eradicate the resting fog on your lenses, it’s time to work proactively for it. Let’s understand that some lenses work it out with this weather obstacle, such as polycarbonate lenses that are plastic made. As fog can sprawl onto the glasses spontaneously, it’s important to search for fog-free lens material. Such is the case with hydrophobic lenses that completely block the droplets from perching on the lenses. 



2nd Tip - Keep Your Lenses Clean

It may sound cliche but it’s the least practiced antidote out there. It is researched that scratches, smudges, and fingerprints make room for more condensation of the fog on your lenses. It’s true that by regularly cleaning your glasses, we make our lenses fog-resistant. Moreover, when it comes to washing the pairs, an ideal way is to use the dishwasher and develop a habit of gently cleansing your lenses with a suitable lens-friendly cloth.

3rd Tip - Go For Frame Adjustments

It’s possible that the inadequate space between your glasses and your face is making the lenses fog up. In this case, liberate the gap around the lenses and readjust your glasses. You can recalibrate the nose bridge along with temple arms or ask an optometrist for assistance. There is a massive possibility that glasses that create a jagged feel for your face begin fogging up when there’s a change in temperature. Moreover, it’s best to validate your glasses size and get it checked with a registered entity.

4th Tip - The Creamy Dab

This tip is genuinely made for your glasses. When all else fails, the dab out of the shaving cream works like a magic. Put a bit of this foamy cream onto the lenses and let it dry. Then, start rubbing the cream with a soft hand and use a special microfibre cloth to iron it out. Use this tip to refrain your lenses from fogging up.

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