It's always fun to be under the clear sky and chill on a crystalline day. After all, the summer season isn't always scorching. But, the prep to face the high-glare days has to be there from the start, especially if you're working outdoors with direct exposure to the sun. We all understand the failure of prescription glasses, let alone saving our eyes, when it comes to blocking UV and UVB rays.

Accordingly, what we want is the special color tints that soothe our eyes and save our vision from the ruthless sunbeams. In this case, the best way is to change your prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses or power sunglasses that maintain vision, style up your persona, and dodge the damaging elements from the exterior of the relatively hotter summer days. Explore 4 glorious summer tints to use with your prescription sunglasses and take control of eye protection with new fashion fads to add. 





Solid Tints: Single-Color Consistency

Solid Tints have remained the top-seller option when it comes to ordering the best prescription sunglasses online. It offers a chance to use 1 single color to coat up the lenses. It could be grey, green, orange, yellow, or blue. Solid Tints protect the vision from excessive light outdoors and stomp unwanted sunbeams with their color singularity spread out on the canvas of the lenses. This sunglass tint has gained familiarity in sports, movies, and the modern rut of working long hours under the sun. 


Gradient Tints: 2 Shades To Sway

Gradient Tint is a sizzling fashion statement in the summer. It offers a 2-color combination to make up the tint and allow glass-wearers to customize the shade. It could be yellow with grey or green with blue, but quite naively, the gradient tints are at the heart of prescription sunglasses as it enable an immersion of 2 dramatically different colors. It goes from being lighter to darker from the top of the lenses to the bottom, allowing glass-wearers to cherish a beautiful collective shade presented in the vision. 


Mirror Tints: The Divine Reflection

Mirror Tints offer an optical stealth mode when it comes to prescription sunglasses. This lens tint is durable and dramatically reflects what you see outside onto the lenses of your sunglasses. Mirror tint is superb for battering out the UV rays and maintaining the anonymity of the eyes. It has a variety of color options and can be fitted into the frame of your choice Mirror tints offer a new take on lens tinting and redefine the essence of wearing prescription sunglasses with self-reflecting lenses.


Polarized Tints: Safe Outdoor Thrills

Polarized Tints are built out of a special technology that keeps the horizontal beams at bay and helps maintain a stable vision amid the harsh glares and other elements found outdoors. This lens tint has done off-the-chart business when it comes to sports (golfing, skiing, fishing, hiking, etc.) and has been a top seller in these genres. Polarized tints offer a balanced tinting view with impressive color saturation and the ability to ward off spontaneous high beams.

It carries a special filter that controls the amount of light entering your vision. You can get polarized tints on prescription sunglasses in numerous colors and embark on the tinting intensity of your choice.

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