4 Common Signs That Indicate You Need Prescription Glasses

We have what it takes to awaken to the most alarming body syndromes but sometimes - a person might lack the adequate IQ to observe the most common signs that indicate they need prescription glasses.


It's possible that your vision is deflating by the day and your body is communicating it to you to address the problem with a couple of typically found symptoms resulting from eye vision weakness.


As we age - it's now known that our eyes lose their intrinsic clarity and the body's foremost output is headache, blurry eyes, and other aspects that can be easily taken into consideration. Let's find out the 4 most common signs that indicate you need prescription glasses at the earliest. 



1) You can't see up close or read at shorter distances


This is one of the most easily caught-up problems when we apparently found ourselves in the turmoil of having a weak vision. We fail at focusing on things that are up close and at shorter distances.


It could be a page of the novel written with a delicate font, text on your mobile phone screen, or a restaurant menu exhibiting a lean aesthetic design. In such scenarios, your eyes suffer from a condition called "presbyopia" which nullifies the ability to focus, read, and be watchful of things up close.


At the same time, you can truly resolve this vision deficiency by wearing reading glasses - or better yet - using our progressive lenses that compete with 3 vision fields: near, intermediate, and far. 

2) You have difficulty sighting objects at farther distances

After the depletion of clarity for nearby objects, the flipside we attain is nearsightedness which weighs in as the indication for buying prescription glasses. It's the inability to view objects from considerably longer distances.

Whether you're driving on longer routes, seeking image clarity from far away, or reading over-the-head restaurant menus. It can be cured and resolved by wearing glasses for distance or bifocal lenses that assist in developing a clear 2-way vision. 


3) You're left with heavy eyes after digital exposure

Digital screens have infiltrated our routine and have become a necessity to work and do home errands. But - this also leaves a high-impacting downside to our naturally occurring vision. If you feel a watery sensation, heaviness around your eyes, or abrupt itching right after having screen time - it's the digital strain.


In this case, it's a great chance to order your discounted specs along with our "blue light blocking lenses" that provide deeper and wider protection to your eye's vision. You can shop for digital screen protection glasses with 1000+ frame styles. 


4) You have blurry vision altogether

If your overall vision clarity is being compromised with outputs such as blurry vision, red eyes, and spontaneous bouts of a headache then you should book an eye test. Anyone with any magnitude of these symptoms should start wearing their prescription glasses if these events occur regularly or are advised accordingly by the optician in this regard.

Also - if you're not suffering from cataracts and require a pair of specs that resolve your near, far and intermediate vision then order your frames with varifocal lenses to instill the right vision efficiency. You can also choose our top-selling “Anti-reflective” coatings for added protection.



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