Blue Cut Digital Lens


Blue Cut Premium Digital Lens—help protect your eyes against blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

- Blue light filter
- Scratch resistant
- UV protective
- Anti-reflective

* Select Single Vision Lens and choose "Anti-Reflective Coating" option. Select "Blue-Cut Premium Coating"
From $14.95 only


Regular vs Blue Cut Lenses

Effects of Blue Light

The Digital Age

In today’s Digital age, as we are exposed to Blue Light form Digital Devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc Eye protection has become import now more than ever.

Blue Cut Special Coated Lens


If you're looking for Aviator, Square, Rimless, Retro or any other type of frames, you can order our "Blue Cut Premium Coating" on any type of Frame with Single Vision Lenses. Find your perfect frame today and help reduce eyestrain and damage caused by digital screens & phones.

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