Choose what is right for your eyes and your lifestyle, Bifocal Eyeglasses

Have you ever considered while reading a book; that your vision gets dimmer and dimmer, or you can’t see properly or your vision gets blurred. This usually happens with people over the age of 40 or more. The answer to this problem is simple. You need Bifocal Eyeglasses.

bifocal eyeglass lenses

Bifocal Eyeglasses have those particular Bifocal Lenses with two Distinct Optical Powers. They are especially prescribed for those people who are suffering from Presbyopia. They require special correction or prescription details for distance and reading or it could be for intermediate use or reading. There are different types of Bi-Focal Lenses like Lined Bifocals, D-Bifocal or Executive Bifocal.

At Goggles4u, we are offer Special Lined D-Bifocal Lenses which have a Visible D-Segment on the bottom part of the lens which helps to distinguish between the two distinct optical powers. 

Bifocal Eyeglasses

The particular thing to know about Bifocal Lenses is that the lens surface is separated by two areas which help to correct different elements for your sight problems. The top part of the lens adjusts or corrects your distance sight problem and the bottom part of the lens corrects your near vision problem.

You can easily have your crystal clear vision with the help of Bifocal Eyeglasses.  The best thing about these Bifocal Eyeglasses is that you can easily see objects both close by and far way with just one pair of Bifocal Eyeglasses. These Bifocal Lenses have unique uses for your sight problems such as they can be used for Intermediate use such as looking at the Computer Screens and then looking down to read from a book at the same time. These Bifocal Eyeglasses offers a unique combination for a wide field of clear vision for both parts with two focusing points.

bifocal lensesThe key is that it may require just a little time to completely adjust yourself with these glasses and then you would be able to have clear vision for both of your sight problems. With having guidance from your eye doctor, choose the correct Bifocal Lenses according to your lifestyle and needs.

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