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Depending on the intensity of your vision deprivation– Explore our Distance, Reading, Progressive and Bi-Focal Lenses that accommodate for the eye problems of all age levels. The lens type is solely examined by an optician and largely perceived by customers to replenish the vision needs.


Are you looking for bi-focal lenses with dual-vision capacity or a single-vision lens to elevate your reading habits? We assist in both scenarios by manufacturing and assembling 4 widely popular frame lenses with a seamless fitting.


1- The Bifocal Lenses:


Without a shadow of doubt – The Bi-Focals are the most reliable and widely used frame lenses in the eye care resort. It induces dual-vision domination with lens prowess that accommodates for near-sightedness and far-sightedness on simultaneous basis. This lens has an integration of an extra lower lens that strengthens vision and makes it easier to focus variedly distanced objects. We recommend picking a frame with 30mm lens height to fit in the bifocals with perfection.


2- The Progressive Lenses:


The progressive lenses show ample prowess to support vision in the three dimensional range. It enfolds great accuracy for near, intermediate and distance objects. Despite having a similar appearance, this lens saves efforts of using differently powered pairs to acquire vision correction. With a three-layered mechanism, this lens has a powerfully seamless existence that keeps our visage young, lively and revised.



3- The Reading Lens (Single-Vision):


Ever thought of reading books, magazines or any gazette with top convenience? This task is well achieved when a relevant pair of lenses provides the enhanced vision to grasp more words in less time. For this matter – choose single-vision reading lenses that are compatible with hundreds of frames in our catalogue.


This lens is known for delivering the near vision perfection as it accommodates the reading habits of book lovers and tablet users who immerse digitally into the choicest content.



4- The Distance Lens (Single-Vision):


The single vision distance lenses help in sharpening our focus at the distanced objects. How often does it happen that you fail to envision perfectly from your eyesight? It is an ideal time to purchase the single-vision distance lens to have a clearer world view even when you are far away from it.


This lens insists upon affordability, sturdiness and offers the best vision aid for a prescription that is in negative.




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