A Guide To 2016 Eyewear Fashion

Fashion has become one of the most extravagant elements when the matter arrives to reveal your spirited persona daringly among the mass. Undoubtedly, people judge you with your dressing and other accessories such as eyeglasses and so on that reflects your personality and something about you.

Latest Trend of Prescription Glasses

Latest Trends of Prescription Eyeglasses!

In this article, we will generally converse regarding a guide through 2016 New & Latest Trends of Prescription Eyewears. Fashionable & Trendy Eyeglasses have become one of the most significant features and you can also attract viewer’s attention towards you.

You spend hundreds of dollars on other expensive stuff like clothing, watches, jewelries or foods, But, in my opinion, the most vital element that nowadays is none other than your fabulous spectacles that reflects and tells everything about your body language.

Latest Trend of Prescription Eyeglasses

So what could be flourishing in 2016?

Millions of gratitude to the eyewear industry that sustained to affluent throughout the globe more than past era, and is anticipated to be further escalate. It is being forecasted that the industry of frames would reach an enormous $140 billion by the start of 2020. 

Within that portion, we can predict that frames and designer sunglasses could be one of the finest methods to disclose your looks impudently.

The eyeglasses industry is being driven by crowd of every age. Some of the noteworthy trends and developments of this trade are growth of the contact lens segment, demand for first-rate prescription eyeglasses, pioneering designs & fashion proclamation. This moves to advanced worth product to additional lenses.

Discussing some of those in great demand!

If we precisely talk a little on what’s going around as the best in the market these days, we will find a number of varieties. Yet those names who have made a great name since a long time, are still on great demand.

List of Branded Eyeglasses

Here is a quick short list of what is in great demand in 2016, and also easily accessible at best prices:

  • Ray Ban

  • Versace

  • Oakley


  • Dolce & Gabanna

  • Burberry


  • Vogue

  • Tag Heuer

  • Giorgio Armani

  • Nicole Miller

No doubt, these branded eye frames used to sell for hundreds of bucks until some years ago, but with the commencement of online stores, you can now easily obtain the same stuff at an eye-opening price difference.

This is possible as these online sites save their tremendous amount of money on employees’ salaries and other store expenses at large malls. In return, they keep their prices extraordinary reasonable and the buying process is also quite simple and secured.

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Goggles4u Eyeglasses

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